Community Food Bank

Natalie's Second Chance offers a food bank for pet owners in the community that need assistance feeding their pets.  Dog food and sometimes cat food, is available through us at no charge and no requirements for this service.  We encourage anyone needing assistance in feeding their pets to come pick up food during our open adoption hours.

Donations of any brand of food (wet or dry) for the food bank are accepted and can be dropped off during our open adoption hours. If you have a food donation to give, but are unable to bring it to us, please contact us to arrange pick up. For the food bank, we also accept open bags of food and treats.

Spay and Neutering Services! 
Spay and Neuter!! Spay and neuter Services are available for you! Please get your dog or cat Spayed and neutered so we can help control over population! Shelters are full and euthanize for space everyday!



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