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NSC Adoption / Foster Application (Does not Guarantee adoption)

Adoption Process


*Failure to complete the application completely and with all required answers will result in automatic decline

1) Application

2) Review and Phone Interview

3) Home Visit

4) If you have other pets, we will facilitate a meet & greet on neutral territory with your current pet(s) and potential pet

This process can and may take 2-3 weeks, depending on schedules of staff and volunteers that assist with the adoption process, we ask for patience and grace in this process



Pit / Belgian Malinois Mix

Otis is a one year old pittie mix who is a little bit of a work in progress with a few quirks that would need a dedicated human to help him work through. He tends to grab at his leash when out walking and sometimes try to nip at your calves/ankles. He doesn't bite, but it can appear that way since he has a lot of energy! I just need someone who can learn to understand me and give me time to learn. I'm probably not a good fit with younger kids, as I can be a little much sometimes, but I know my human is out there somewhere!


MILEY (Pending adoption)

Black Mouth Cur Mix

Miley is a wonderful brindle black mouth cur mix who would perfectly fit in a home with people who have an active lifestyle.  She loves to run with the volunteers at the shelter and enjoys playing with toys (especially the plush ones that she can shred!). She is a little wary of strangers, especially men. She is a happy and sweet girl looking for her forever home.

photo jul 28, 11 00 06 am.jpg



Perry is the sweetest little boy. He's approx 8-10 years old, still very active and loving. Enjoys going on his walks, even though he has luxated patellas. He may be a little slow to get up, but wants to have fun, so he powers through. He's neutered and up to date on his vaccines.

Dante Chi.JPG


Chihuahua Mix

Dante is a tiny little dude with a big personality. He is maybe 5-7 pounds of stinking cuteness. He starts out a bit timid and scared at first, but quickly warms up and will be the bestest cuddle buddy.

Photo Mar 29, 6 21 04 PM_edited.jpg


Pit Mix

Diva is an approximately 8-9 month old pit puppy. She's adorable, fast, fun, and energetic. She's looking for her perfect human to have adventures with.



Pit Mix

Molly is an approximately 2-3 yr old female pit mix, who loves all. She's been good with other dogs similar in size and larger, and is looking for a human to love. She crates well. She needs some confidence in her leash walks, as some noises near the shelter scare her (it's very busy here). Molly is so very loving, and just wants a human to love her back, seriously consider this beautiful girl.

Photo May 22, 5 53 31 PM.jpg



This sweet boy is 9 yrs old. He's had a pretty rough go of it the last couple of years. He's scheduled for a grooming to fix the flaws in his cut, but he's still so cute. This boy is looking for a loving home. Quiet would be best for him to lay his head down and live out his golden years.

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BRUNO (In Foster)

Australian Shepard

Bio to come

photo jul 26, 3 20 59 pm.jpg



Harley is a goofy, sweet Beagle, who is 5 yrs old and looking for his furever family. He is good with other dogs, grew up with a Lab. He's up to date on vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.

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DAISY III (Pending adoption)

Chocolate Labrador

Bio to come

photo jul 26, 3 32 29 pm.jpg


Shih Tzu

Oreo is an almost 11 yo Shih Tzu looking for a forever home to live out his life. He's had a rough go of it, and does have some kidney issues, which will be rechecked soon. He's pretty much a lounger, who does like his short walks. He's up to date on vaccines, but due to kidney values, has not been neutered yet.

Photo Jul 28, 11 06 56 AM.jpg


Chihuahua Mix

This little dynamo is approx 4 yrs old.  He's been around kids, so with proper intros will be good. He was hit by a car way before coming to us and no vetting was done.  He walks fine, but has no control over his tail, it has a mind of it's own. He loves being held, does well on walks, and he's so cute. He's neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Photo Jul 28, 10 30 38 AM.jpg

SCRAPPY DOO (Pending adoption)

Doxy Mix

True to the name, he looked exactly like the cartoon Scrappy Doo, and just as feisty. He's a sweet boy, loves kids, and well pretty much everyone. He's neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped

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Abby is an approx 8 yo Coonhound, who is so very sweet. She's been around small dogs and really isn't a fan, she actually gets pretty upset around them, so we recommend NO small dogs. She's spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchiped




Lavern is a sibling to Bruno, Ernie and Shirley, she is more timid and frightens easily, but has been socialized around kids 8-9 yrs old. She loves to cuddle and play, but takes a little more time to warm up. She is a little more scared than the others in the litter. All are around 10 months old

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Husky/Labrador Mix

Bio to come

Photo Jul 25, 7 49 06 AM.jpg

JR Tolken

Labrador Retriever

This big boy is strong and energetic, he needs some leash manners, but other than that is a total lover. Appears to like other dogs, would recommend older kids as he doesn't know his size. Neutered, up to date on vaccines


ELLA (In Foster)

Chihuahua Mix

Ella is 11 years old and such is a sweetheart. 

She loves to cuddle and sleep with her human.  She is camera shy and can be selective about other dogs. Ella does have a heart murmur and is on medication, but does well on it and takes her medicine easily. This girl is just looking for a comfy lap to lay in!

Photo Jul 29, 7 10 02 AM.jpg

BRACEY (In Foster)

Cocker Spaniel

Bracey is the black and white Cocker Spaniel, she is approx 1 yr old, spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. She was from a puppy mill and is quite terrified, but slowly learning to be a doggy thanks to our amazing foster. 

Photo Jul 29, 7 10 02 AM.jpg

PRINCESS (In Foster)

Cocker Spaniel

Princess is the tan and white Cocker Spaniel, she is approx 5 yrs old, and also comes from the puppy mills. She is a little less terrified than her friend Bracey, but still warming up thanks to the foster. She's spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped

photo jul 04, 5 10 13 pm (1).jpg


Wheaten Terrier

This sweet girl is learning how to be a dog, she came from the horrors of the Puppy Mills, she is approx 7 yrs old. She is still very shy, but will take affection. She's spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. We are recommending, but not requiring that she go with Happiness



Wheaten Terrier

This amazing boy is 9 yrs old, he's coming out of his shell, but was pretty shut down when he arrived. Another victim on the Puppy Mills. We are recommending but not requiring he go with Butterfinger. He's neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

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Bio to come

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Bio to come

photo jul 04, 8 18 14 am.jpg

LEMONADE (In Foster)

Wheaten Terrier

Lemonade is approx 4 yrs old, she's less terrified than her friends Happiness and Butterfinger, but still has a ways to go before she realized not all humans are bad. She's sweet and learning to be a dog. She's spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

photo jul 26, 3 15 39 pm.jpg

NUGGET (Pending Adoption)

Jack Russell Terrier Mix

This adorable little girl is happier than happy, she loves everyone, especially kids. She's tiny but mighty. She's pending spay, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. 

Photo Jul 28, 10 49 49 AM.jpg


Pointer/Hound Mix

Millie is approx 6'ish yrs old, she is a mellow, sweet girl, who's looking for a quiet home, short strolls, and lot's of love. We aren't sure how she does with other animals, as she's fairly new to the shelter, but seems unbothered. She's pending spay, and we're getting her updated on her vaccines.



Bio to come

photo jul 26, 11 12 39 am.jpg

LEO (Pending Adoption)

Miniature Australian Shepard

This little bundle of energy loves EVERYONE! He's a spitfire and would benefit from some type of sporting or agility training. He's smart, agile and will make anyone a terrific companion. He's neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

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LILLY & SISSY (Bonded pair)

Cockapoo & Chihuahua

Bio to come

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PETE & MALLOY (Bonded pair)

Chihuahua & Chihuahua

Bio to come

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Labrador/Dachshund Mix

Bio to come

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Pug/Beagle Mix

Bio to come

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Lab/Aussie/Border Collie/Boxer Mix - Long coat

Bio to come

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Lab/Aussie/Border Collie/Boxer Mix

Bio to come

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Husky/Labrador Mix

Bio to come

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Indian Pariah

Bio to come

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