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Why Second Chance?

We are a no-kill dog shelter founded in 2009 and are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies heavily on private individual donations and volunteer services to be able to continue helping homeless dogs. We have a board of directors that helps manage the shelter. 


We accept personal surrendered dogs, strays, and we work with other rescues or animal shelters to rehome dogs and puppies. We have saved many dogs from death row at high-kill shelters. We do not discriminate against breed, age, or health of a dog and we provide all of our dogs with a comfortable, temporary home until a match with the right family can be found.

Why adopt and support Natalie's Second Chance Dog Shelter? We are a local dog shelter that rescues all kinds of dogs in need all over the state of Indiana (sometimes even out of state!). We do not discriminate dogs by breed, size, age, or... even by their health. As long as we have the room, funds, and support to take a dog in, we will never deny a dog! We accept pregnant moms, puppies, injured dogs, senior dogs, and even dogs that may not have the best manners. We work with all dogs to get them healthy and happy.  We have a vet and a trainer that work closely with us to help us get dogs in their best condition so they can go to a great home. We make sure that each of our dogs go to the best fit home for them, which is why we start out with a "foster to adopt" agreement to make sure everyone has time to adjust. To us... our dogs are like our kids, so we always make sure they are well taken care of and we want them to go to the best homes possible. We appreciate all that this community has done for us and really thank you for your continued support and love. Please help spread the word about our shelter and help us to grow even bigger!! The bigger we are, the more dogs we can save!!!

Meet Our Staff!



After 30 years in law enforcement I retired in 2016 and have dedicated the last 7 years rescuing and saving dogs. I own/operate a not for profit Foster based German Shepherd Rescue and am now honored to also be the Executive Director here at Natalie’s Second Chance. I’m a wife, mom and grandma as well as furmom to 6 beautiful dogs. I'm trying to learn that I can't save them all, but I'm gonna die damn well trying.



I am currently a student at Purdue studying accounting and finance. One of my passions is taking care of animals, which is something I get to do while working at Second Chance. I have trained dogs for 10 years and worked at my hometown kennel through middle school and high school. Another thing about me is that my favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd. 


I’m currently a student at Harrison High School and have been with the shelter for a little over a year now. My whole life, I have always had dogs from shelters, I love helping shelter dogs find their forever home! Working with the dogs at the shelter and helping them all find their forever homes is the greatest feeling and my favorite part about working at Second Chance. 



I’m a current student at Purdue, and I’m from North Carolina. I volunteered at the shelter over my freshman and sophomore years and began working for the shelter while I took classes over the summer. I’ve had shelter dogs all my life and am glad I get to see them find their homes now by working with Second Chance. 



I am currently a student at Purdue majoring in marine and freshwater biology. I started working at the shelter this past summer and fell in love. Working with the pups is always the best part of my day, and I love getting to interact with them and watch their personalities come out. My favorite part about working with the shelter is helping the pups find their forever homes! 



I am currently a student at Purdue studying veterinary nursing. I spend most of my time working at the vet clinic at Purdue, but I am at the shelter any chance I can. I love taking photos of all the dogs and taking them for doggie days out and to fundraising events!



I started working at Natalie's about a year ago after volunteering for about a year. I wanted to be part of the solution instead of just complaining about the problem. There are worse addictions than dogs.



I am currently a student at Harrison High School and have been with Second Chance since 2016. One of my favorite things to do here at the shelter is sit in the kennels with the dogs, and it is not uncommon to find me there on my days off. When not at the shelter, I am out running trails with my dog Jolene or biking down a country road.



I am a student at Purdue studying Animal Sciences. I have been working at Second Chance for about a year now. I have always loved animals and saw this as a perfect opportunity to learn more. I quickly fell in love with all the dogs and couldn’t leave. I love getting to take the dogs out to learn more about their personalities and bringing that back to potential adopters. 


I’ve always had many pets of my own and knew I wanted to work with animals. I have 8 pets of my own. I truly believe that having a companion in an animal is very fulfilling. I love working here and seeing the connection that the dogs make with the people who are meant to be their best friends and their family.

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